1. I have abandoned it for 4 years, no bargain!

2. Came back, deleted so many posts though I have not yet got any concrete idea of how I can work better on it!

3. Changed the theme, I don’t lead a dark life! I want to light up yours too!

4. Changed the title from At a GlAnCe to READ ME!

5. Changed Gravatar to a more beautiful one which reflect the now me!

That’s all for now! Stay tune!

I am now in my room using GPRS to get access to the internet. I’ve been trying to think of what to search for and what to know. However, nothing pop up in my head. I feel that i want to write something, yet I have no idea what my writing should be about.

One more thing, I am ashame to tell the worl that my English is getting worse. I do not improve much by working in the environment with people whose English is not their native, though the only mean of communication in the office in English. I have not read book seriously for about one year, no wonder, because I am too lazy to comment.

I want to go shopping but, hell, I don’t have that Vitamine M abundantly. What else can I do?

Come back to my lonely bolg, I have been so careless about this place which I use to spend most of my time with, of course when I first learn how to use it and I did enjoy is a lot. Nevertheless, things change now. I have got abundant of things to busy with that need a lot of my effort since there is only one me, no abundant of me.

Well, for the last day of Khmer NEW YEAR 2009, I would like to wish all Cambodian, regardless of how much Khmer you are, all the best!



Dear all, 

An American  friend of mine along with her college are going to do their research project here in Phnom Penh. I am looking for a partime ( 2pm-5pm) translator/interpretor for her from December 28 until January 17. 

You shall be mastered in English and have good knowledge of Cambodian society.

You will be paid for your service accordingly but I would encourage you to expect experience from this volunteer job rather than money though I am aware that Time is Money.

Please drop me a note here with your e-mail address per your interest or forward it to any of your friends who would like to learn from working on the research with American students. 

Kindly regards,


We are planning to go  to an orphanage in Kompong Speu and also proceed to Kirirom resort for lunch. We are to distribute packages of study materials to those orphan and, if posible, share to them some basic knowledge to shapen their goal in life.

Participants are to share 7 bucks each which will be used to cover transportation, breakfast and lunch !

Your contribution is highly valued and expected! 

Community Event
When: Monday, 29 Oct 2007
Where: Orphan Care and Training Center, Phum I, Khum Treng Trayeung, Srok Phnom Srouch, Kompong Speu province. We will proceed our trip to Kirirom Resort for Lunch.
Who: YNC team and interested participants.
Sponsor: Fund raising.

Hope to see you there!


Can anyone here kindly tell me what does this phrase mean to you?

Well, in chinese you might say 我爱你 !

Of course this phrase tell you that someone is confessing about how (s)he feels toward one another!

DO NOT Confuse ! It might not have only one meaning as simple it is seen!

Help me identifying its interpretation according to Applied Linguistics theory! ! !  

Short joke, find here!

Bert took his Saint Bernard to the vet. “Doctor,” he said, “I need you to cut off my dog’s tail.”

The vet stepped back, “Bert, why should I do such a terrible thing?”

“Because my mother-in-law’s arriving tomorrow, and I don’t want anything to make her think she’s welcome.”


:-) Wow, it is fantastic to be the MC on that day!!!

(Pictured by mythicaldude)

What was it?

It was the first ever Cambodian Bloggers Summit which was held at Pannasastra University of Cambodia with participants from various background, yet we all share one same identity, BLOGGERS or at least we were all interested in BLOG. The summit was organized by the Clogger Team under International Republican Institute (IRI) and Open Institute sponsorship plus other sub-supports from diverse organizations.



Why was it magnificent?

It was amazing since it was the day that most of the Cambodian Bloggers met, discussed and learnt from one another about blog and society, blog and education, blog and developmen, blog and daily life…

Two days together, we learnt more than blogging; social networking was one of the key concepts.

What did we do?

We met up for two days from 8am until 5:30 pm. It was a bit upset when we couldn’t start the program on time but it was great when we could finish it on schedule. We learnt from the presentations by expert bloggers; we shared our images on blog in group discussion; we cooperated to role the play regarding technology; we committed to multiply the knowledge about BLOG to our friends; and last but not least, we shared fun.

I think…

Honestly, I appreciate everyone commitment to BLOGGING; I understand that BLOG raise the awareness of many new things from different people worldwide. In the past, literature is the window telling how and what it is about one society but maybe literature is quite an ancient window now.

Yet, quite contrast to another view of mine, Cambodia is not in a very need of BLOG or modern Technology while more than half of the nation’s population is living in and under poverty and whereas the country’s economy still depends heavily on foreign loan and aid to survive.


- How can BLOG (technology) help to make the situation better?


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